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Mar 27, 2017

New England IPAs are purposely cloudy, hazy, packed full of juicy hops and have a creamy, smooth mouthfeel. The so-called style is taking North America by storm and breweries are brewing up their own interpretation of this regional beer.

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Mar 20, 2017

Sasha Dunfield runs Ottawa Beer Events, a website dedicated to beer in Ottawa. She (along with her partner, Matt Petitpas) also host beer tastings. Her next event is on March 26 (3:00pm) at Lieutenant's Pump, tickets are now on sale!

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Mar 13, 2017

Fermented Malt Beverages (FMB) also known as 'malternatives' or 'alchopops' are beer strength beverages flavoured with a distilled spirit and other additives. The category has grown substantially over the years with the introduction of Not Your Father's Rootbeer. Katy and Chuck have a go and some of the prominent FMB's...

Mar 5, 2017

International Women's Collaboration Brew Day is an annual event held on March 8th to coincide with International Women's Day. This year Ottawa's Barley's Angels teamed up with Brasserie Étienne Brûlé Brewery to brew a historical ale with organic dark maple syrup.


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